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Halo Salt and Infrared Sauna therapy

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Embracing a completely new and healthy lifestyle might seem challenging at first, but once the fulfilling experiences and full benefits start setting in, you will develop the habit of staying healthy. With the inevitable hectic life that millennial have these days, it can be difficult to find time for self-care. Some of us have distanced ourselves from the therapeutic benefits of nature and have failed to improved our health with recreational therapies.

Two therapies that existed since the times of the ancients have been revived in the modern age and is now considered to be the most reliable alternatives to optimal health. Salt Room Therapy is known to repel many long-term illnesses and it is also known as Halo Salt therapy. Below we will explore some of the many benefits of halotherapy and infrared sauna treatments.

Halo Salt Therapy:

Halo Salt Therapy involves breathing salt air within an artificially constructed salt cave also known as the salt room that have been completely ridden of moisture. The temperature inside is set on the cooler spectrum so that the salt in the cave doesn't evaporate to form humidity. This therapy is responsible for curing and easing a bunch of problems that would have otherwise needed to be cured by antibiotics and painkillers which can have major side-effects.

It relieves respiratory problems such as asthma, coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath by absorbing the impurities inside the breathing network thus reducing inflammation and blockage and clearing out the blockage if any. Other conditions like a sinus infection, bronchitis, hay fever, rhinitis, and emphysema are greatly reduced after each salt room session.

The salt from the walls of the room have been scientifically proven to release negative ions which when comes in contact with your skin, attracts the positive ions formed by infections and allergies thus neutralizing and eliminating them.

The negative ions of the salt also help in stimulating the positive cells of our brains that initiates the release of a chemical known as serotonin that is responsible for removing troublesome thoughts that create anxiety and depression.

Infrared Sauna therapy:

Infrared Sauna Therapy allows the guest to soak in and relax in the soothing chromotherapy light, infrared heat and some music which calms both body and soul. The radiation from the infrared light is directly absorbed by the body and penetrates through the deep layers of the skin to reach the cells and comfort them.

Infrared sauna therapy can be conducted at low room temperature because after all the heat is derived only from the lamps which enable one to sweat more profusely proving the fact that the heat is being thoroughly absorbed by the body. It takes only three to four sessions to notice the changes in the body, and some of the noticeable health benefits include:

· Stress-free mind and prolonged sleep

· Generous amount of weight loss through detoxification

· Brighter and younger-looking skin

· Relief from chronic muscle pain and strain

· Improved blood circulation.

If you are willing to subscribe to any of these sessions or derive further information, you can explore through to form a more integrated perspective about these therapies.

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